Personal Retreats

“A spiritual practice is something that can be practiced, not a lengthy ritual. It is something very, very simple that you can do, and you do it daily.”
Baba Harihar Ramji (Babaji)

If you have ever thought about carving out some time to bring balance into your life, nurture your deep self, and cultivate a daily practice, the ashram provides an ideal environment. Spend some time in personal retreat at the ashram and take advantage of its many unique offerings. After learning practical tools in the ashram's intimate setting, and practicing them daily, you'll experience personal growth that lasts.

We are blessed to be a smaller ashram with our guru Babaji living on site for most of the year. The clear focus of working hard on ourselves and being of service daily enables us to access what is hidden within us.

At the ashram you will find intimacy and you will receive personal attention. There are no crowds of people and no places to hide. Rather, it is a safe environment to sincerely look at ourselves, our habits and our tendencies, and make conscious effort to move beyond them. Being in the company of other doing the same provides a nurturing and supportive atmosphere for our growth.

  • Have one-on-one time with Babaji, our teacher and Guru. Babaji, lives on the premises for most of the year, and is available to spend individual time with all who come.
  • Receive personal instruction in meditation to start a practice or deepen one that you have.
  • Take private yoga classes designed to your ability and need and/or attend group classes.
  • Solidify your practice with a regular routine of yoga, meditation, healthy meals and seva (selfless service). There are many ways to participate in the daily life of the ashram.
  • Spend time in the peaceful grounds and gardens, sit under a tree with a book or journal, or just relax in your room.
  • Experience picking vegetables and fruit with your own hands, and learn how to bring sacredness into cooking and eating.
  • Get a taste of accomplishing tasks in silence as well as with meaningful conversation.

Give yourself a few days or a week or two living a balanced life, and then take it home with you. While there is no strict dress code, we ask that you dress modestly while on Ashram grounds.

In 2017, guest rooms, both private and shared, are available starting April 1. Please send an email for more information and a reservation form.

Getting to the ashram: The ashram is at 1087 Craig Ave. in Sonoma, Ca. If you are driving, please click here for driving directions. If you are flying and prefer not to rent a car, the best airports to fly into are San Francisco and Oakland. A shuttle can bring you to “Petaluma Fairgrounds,” about 25 minutes from the ashram ( If you plan to rent a car, Sacramento airport is also an option, about an hour drive.