Planned Charitable Giving

With your support in a variety of ways, Sonoma Ashram Foundation will continue to blossom, assuring its continued availability for you, your children and grandchildren, and for all who come to know about it. Your support also helps to keep Babaji's message spreading throughout the country and world.

One way of supporting Sonoma Ashram Foundation for the long term, is through planned giving.

Planned giving is a gift made by will or trust which may include real estate, appreciated securities, life insurance, IRAs, and other assets.  This of course should only be done when your needs and your family needs are met.  At that juncture some of the benefits you may receive are from estate tax reduction, income tax savings, lower capital gains, and the elimination of probate costs, as well as the joy of contributing to the continuation of the Ashram and Babaji's work.

It is also possible to include Sonoma Ashram Foundation in your will by setting up a charitable trust in such a manner that you will receive a life income for yourself and your spouse and benefit by a current income tax deduction. One way to do this is by contributing to Sonoma Ashram Foundation an asset that is appreciating in value (such as a house) but not providing you with income. In this scenario one may keep the house for life and not incur capital gains on one's gift. This can be done through a charitable annuity trust or a charitable remainder trust.

In all cases decisions should be made with your qualified financial advisor as to what best fits your circumstances.

For further information please contact Mary Dalsin Mills at [email protected].