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Coming Closer: Integrating Spirituality into Your Life   [Show/Hide Description] — $12

book1Author:  Baba Harihar Ramji; Published 2015
This primer on spirituality, taken from the teachings of Baba Harihar Ram, discusses the elements of a meaningful life, how to establish a daily practice and the importance of selfless service. It introduces you to the purpose of an ashram, the role of a guru and mantra meditation.

The book also contains specific information on Sonoma Ashram and the principles of the Aghor wisdom tradition it embodies.

Oasis of Stillness   [Show/Hide Description] — $22

Oasis of Stillness bookThe Life and Wisdom of Aghoreshwar Bhagwan Ramji
Author:  Baba Harihar Ram; Second Edition, 2013

Through an intimate biography, revealing anecdotes and insightful teachings, Oasis of Stillness offers inspiration and guidance for navigating everyday life with meaning.

Oasis traces the path of the sage Aghoreshwar Bhagwan Ramji, a model of compassion, who enriched the lives of everyone he met, from society's outcasts to royalty. Follow in his footsteps as he leaves home at age seven to pursue a life of devotion, attains enlightenment while still in his teens and is chosen to head the ancient mystical lineage of Aghor Siddhas.

Aghor Guru Samhita: Daily Prayers    [Show/Hide Description] — $7

book1Author: Baba Harihar Ramji; Published 2005
This booklet contains the prayers of Aghoreshwar Bhagwan Ramji, a modern saint of the ancient Tantric tradition of Aghor in India.  The 21 short prayers, designed for daily reading and reflection, are the essence of the Aghor way of living, and are presented to help us remember our true nature and purpose.  They are universal and applicable to all seekers and learners.

Aghor Yoga: A Practical Guide to Ancient Wisdom [Show/Hide Description] — $6

book2Author: Baba Harihar Ramji; Published 2005
This book presents the basics of Aghor on living in harmony with oneself and at peace with everything and everyone. It serves as a guide to developing daily spiritual practices, including breathing and meditation techniques. Information is presented in clear incremental steps for anyone at any stage of learning. 

The Book of Aghor Wisdom   [Show/Hide Description] — $28

aghor-wisdomAuthor: Baba Bhagwan Ram – translated by Akinchan Ram; Published 2007
This book, in an easy to read format, is a compilation of the everyday conversations of Baba Bhagwan Ram that were written at his request; he taught though dialogue and discussion rather than sermons.  The four parts of the book include a brief biography of Baba Bhagwan Ram, a brief history of Aghor, the teachings arranged by subject, and a glossary.  The 25 chapters/discussions include wisdom on The Mother, Practices, Character, Inspiration, Culture, Guru, God, Mental states, Mantra, and Worship.

Pearls of Shiksha   [Show/Hide Description] — $7

shikshaAuthor: Baba Harihar Ramji; Published 2006
This book of the teachings of Baba Harihar Ramji of Sonoma Ashram in California is based on his talks and discussions with diverse audiences over the years.  “Shiksha,” the principles of the right way to live, are presented in clear and succinct language, and can be assimilated into the lives of those facing challenges in today’s modern world.  The content includes, in part, wisdom on Daily Practice, the Heart, Peace, Love, and Seva.  It is complete with definitions and loving reminders of gentle and practical steps to implement changes.

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