Acknowledging the Guru - Bowing to Something Higher

It is an act of Grace when we turn towards something or someone that we can bow to from the depth of our heart. The mere act of bowing is acknowledging something higher and realizing that I am not in control. Having the remembrance of something higher sets us free from our expectations of ourselves.

Establishing a Guru peeth, the seat of the Guru, means creating space in our heart and mind for something higher, something that I can bow to, something that enables me to get myself out of my own way. 

Always listening to my mind, my thinking, my way of being, my way of seeing, is like a dog chasing its tail. There are moments when we spin around in circles and to get out of our own way we need to bow to something higher. This is where the Guru’s seat comes in. Honoring the Guru’s seat really means acknowledging something higher. It can be in any form, in any name, or in any tradition. As long as we have a place to bow and make a true effort to listen and make an effort to go beyond our self-created limitations. 

If this relationship is truly accepted with the sincerity of our heart and mind, it bears fruit.  


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