Give The Gift of Sight

Save children and adults from unnecessary blindness

Vision Varnasi Eye HospitalVision Varanasi Eye Hospital opened in 2007 on the grounds of Bal Ashram. To keep this state-of-the-art facility going and operating at full use we need your help. The hospital is equipped to provide quality care to the underserved in the community and bring eye clinics to remote areas. Your donation will allow us to screen and treat patients who otherwise would not have access to care.

Vision Varnasi Eye HospitalImmediately adjacent to Bal Ashram property, Vision Varanasi Hospital began in 2007 by providing free, quality eye care to the underserved community, people who otherwise could not seek, receive or afford treatment. Most commonly addressed are refractive issues (glasses, lenses), cataracts, diabetic eye disease, and infections. Anyone with an eye problem can come to the Center to be seen and receive treatment. The Hospital also runs mobile clinics in the surrounding villages and remote areas. Dr. Ivor Wolf from the United Kingdom heads the hospital and clinics with the support of Aghor Foundation.

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Did you know?

Fifty percent of childhood blindness is preventable
Cataract is the leading treatable cause of blindness in children
Half of all cataracts are due to poor nutrition and lack of available eye care


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