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Cultivating a Spiritual Practice: Dig One Well Deep, And Keep Digging

In this day and age there are so many spiritual practices to choose from. It's good to invest some time in finding a practice that our heart and mind can agree on and then sticking with it. The tendency is to keep jumping from one thing to another instead of staying with one practice. We do something for a few months, then something else comes that looks more... read more

What is Aghor?

The very meaning of Aghor is “that which is not difficult, that which is not complicated, that which is whole.” Aghor sahaj hai, saral hai, sugam hai. Aghor is inborn - that which we are born with, inherent. Aghor is easy to comprehend. The path of Aghor is easy to walk on. What is our inherent nature? Our natural state that we are born into is wholeness. When we came on this... read more

Living Our Dharma – Responding Instead of Reacting

How do we live in the world without losing our peace? If somebody has insulted you, what do you do? The immediate impulse is usually to snap back, to get even. We want to protect our honor, but this “honor” is such a false notion of the Self. If we allow ourselves to react, while it may feel good in the moment, the effect will bring even... read more

The Purpose of Meditation – Flowing Inward is the Work

To come back to the Self is to acknowledge that you are absolutely whole and complete unto yourself. Nothing is missing, and nothing from outside is needed to fulfill you. You are totally self-contained. You are absolutely still. This is the purpose of meditation—to see the Self, to be with the Self. The moment your attention goes elsewhere, you begin to flow out. We are... read more

Everyday Spirituality – Picking Pearls

Instead of picking pebbles, we have to learn how to pick pearls.  This is a spiritual practice in and of itself. We often fall into the bad habit of “picking pebbles” - focusing on negativity.  We criticize ourselves or we get stuck on negative things that we experience or that we hear or read.  A person who is bringing spirituality in their life, who is acknowledging the... read more

Acknowledging the Guru – Bowing to Something Higher

It is an act of Grace when we turn towards something or someone that we can bow to from the depth of our heart. The mere act of bowing is acknowledging something higher and realizing that I am not in control. Having the remembrance of something higher sets us free from our expectations of ourselves. Establishing a Guru peeth, the seat of the... read more