We acknowledge the presence of the sacred within each individual. Through a daily spiritual practice (sadhana) we remain connected with our true nature of fullness. That fullness overflows into the world as selfless service (seva) to humanity, bringing meaning to our lives.

Aghoreshwar Bhagwan Ram
(1937 – 1992)
A realized Saint from the Aghor tradition

“You are absolutely pure and whole. The meaningfulness of life is found in service to others.”

Aghoreshwar Bhagwan Ram

Baba Harihar Ram
Disciple of Aghoreshwar Bhagwan Ram and Founder of Sonoma Ashram and Aghor Foundation

Our COVID-19 Effort in India

With your help throughout the past year, we have been distributing bags of food, blankets, masks, sanitizers and personal hygiene items to those who have been experiencing hardship.

The current wave of coronavirus is hitting close to home at Bal Ashram and our extended community there.  There is an acute shortage of vaccine and medical treatments in Varanasi – very few have access to it.  Read our update here.

We are doing what we can to reach those in need.  We have created a small kit with fever and illness prevention supplements, among other remedies to help with coronavirus prevention, protection and recovery.

The cost of each kit is $10.  Your help is deeply appreciated and goes so far.  Please donate: COVID-19 Relief Fund.


Promoting Harmony

“The power of prayers, stillness, aligning our thoughts towards the Dharma, towards what is Right, is the call of the times.”

~Baba Harihar Ramji

One of the founding principles of our mother organization established by Aghoreshwar Bhagwan Ramji is: to promote harmony among all humans irrespective of race, caste or social stature.  Sonoma Ashram is dedicated to this mission through encouraging all to pray for peace and justice and to connect with the stillness within, through which we can truly affect real and lasting change in the world.  By grounding ourselves, we can discover our own unique way to become a pillar of support to those who are suffering.

Please listen to Babaji’s recent message here.




Sonoma Ashram Foundation sponsors programs for public benefit through Aghor Foundation in Varanasi, India. The following family of social service initiatives is flourishing in this sacred city.


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