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Our Latest COVID Initiative in India

Dearest Friends:

We are all reading and watching the heartbreaking news about the coronavirus crisis in India. The situation throughout the country, and acutely in Varanasi, has worsened significantly in the last few weeks.

While our extended Bal Ashram family fared well in the first wave of the virus last year, the current wave has hit much closer to home. Three Bal Ashram boys fell ill and are now recovering. The principal of Anjali School was hospitalized and several teachers and the family of our operations manager are suffering from the virus. The president of our sister project, Little Stars School, his mother and two teachers have passed away. Throughout Varanasi there is a shortage of the vaccine. Even wood for cremation is not available and people are unable to properly cremate the bodies of their loved ones.

In this tragic situation we are there to help. Our older boys and team of volunteers have been brave and ever ready to serve those in need throughout the past year with distributions of food, blankets, masks, sanitizers and personal hygiene items.

To meet the current crisis, in addition to ongoing food relief, we are assembling and distributing a COVID Relief Kit to those suffering from the virus and to help with prevention and recovery.

The cost is approximately $10 for each kit.

All of this is possible through your continued support to our COVID Relief fund. If you are moved by the situation and want to contribute to this effort, we will make sure that it goes directly to help those in need.

Please donate here.

Ashram Community Zoom Yoga Classes

Aghor Yoga is a simple path to union with your Divine Self. Once you are aware of the sacred life force (prana) carried with each breath, you can discover the state of union within. Babaji and yoga teachers in our sangha have created a program of yoga asana classes incorporating the principles of Aghor.

Fridays: 9-10AM PST (12-1PM EST): Traditional hatha yoga with a focus on breath.

Saturday: 9-10AM PST (12-1PM EST)  Active Vinyasa flow


All classes can be accessed through the following Zoom Link:
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Meeting ID: 996 1932 2094
Passcode: Yoga

These classes are an offering from our hearts. There is no fee to attend, but we appreciate any donations which will help us to expand this program as well as support the Ashram’s projects in the U.S. and in India.


History of the Aghor Tradition with Prof. Jishnuji Shankar

In this series of zoom lectures, Dr. Jishnu Shankar shares his vast knowledge of the Aghor tradition within the greater context of Indian history and culture.  Each lecture lasts approximately 50 minutes, with a question and answer period to follow.


NEXT LECTURE:  Saturday, April 24, 2021 – 10AM PST  Aghor and Tantra, Part I

Click here to register for Zoom lecture: Aghor and Tantra

Suggested Donation for all lectures: $10



Saturday, May 1, 2021 – 10AM PST  Aghor and Tantra, Part II (registration included with Part I)

Saturday, May 22 – 10AM PST



History of the Aghor Tradition – An Introduction (January 23, 2021)

Aghor and the Buddha (February 22, 2021)

*Please contact us at [email protected] for information on accessing records of past lectures.

Zoom Satsang with Babaji

Every Sunday – 9AM PST

Sonoma Ashram’s weekly Sunday gathering is now on Zoom!  Join Babaji and friends from around the world in satsang.

Click here to request more information: Zoom Satsang

Aghor Gram Sewa – Village Outreach Project

Our newest project in India launched in December 2020, to distribute food and blankets to the poorest villages (gram) in North India. Known locally as Aghor Gram Sewa, this initiative has been primarily funded through our sangha and supporters in India, but anyone can contribute in this new opportunity to reach those in need.

Click here to view a slideshow of the Village Outreach Project

Click here to Contribute:  Helping Those in Need

Sarveshwari Times Newsletter

Sarveshwari Times has been an offering of love and has touched the lives of many over the decades.  The Hindi version was originally created by devotees of Aghoreshwar Bhagwan Ramji at the start of the Sri Sarveshwari Samooh organization in 1961.  Baba Harihar Ramji carried this tradition to the U.S. when he founded Sonoma Ashram.  Over the years, many have lent their time and energy to keep this flame burning.

We are honored to continue this publication in this new digital media to suit the call of the times.  We hope you can carve out some time each month to enjoy an inspirational teaching from Babaji and some updates on recent events and programs.

Sarveshwari Times – April 2021

Sarveshwari Times – March 2021

Sarveshwari Times – February 2021

Sarveshwari Times – January 2021

Older editions are accessible through our Subscriber Area.  Click here to subscribe and access.

Podcast:  Aghoreshwar’s Pearls of Wisdom with Commentary by Baba Harihar Ram

Every evening Babaji reads a quote of Aghoreshwar Bhagwan Ram from Aghor Book of Wisdom and provides his insight and commentary.

Click here for more information: Pearls of Wisdom Podcast

Podcast:  Sunday Satsang with Babaji

Babaji’s weekly Sunday satsangs are now available as a podcast.

Click here for more information. Sunday Satsang Podcast

COVID Caring Web Page

Various resources to help you stay centered.

Click here for COVID Resources

Life at Bal Ashram – Varanasi, India (August 2020)

Slideshow with recent photos of our Ashram and Boys Hostel in Varanasi, India.

Click here to access the slideshow

COVID-19 Seva Project

Update on our efforts to provide food relief throughout Varnasi, India to those in need.

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