Cultivating Vibrations of Gratitude

All over the world there is so much calamity, so many natural disasters, wars, and famine. Here we live in a comfortable, clean and safe environment, in good health. There is enough to eat, we have shelter, and enough to cover ourselves. There is enough for our friends and families. No bombs are exploding next door. Our water is clean, our air is clean. We, truly, are blessed.

How often do we just take a moment to be in gratitude for all the blessings in our life? Sitting in silence and acknowledging the gifts we have been given is a powerful spiritual practice in and of itself. When we hold sentiments in the mind and heart like “I have enough” or “I am blessed” our body puts out vibrations of contentment and gratitude. These vibrations become nurturing and deeply healing for the world.

In this country particularly, we have so much. It is our responsibility to at least give something back in the form of good vibrations. Those vibrations do matter – they become medicine for our planet.

Gratitude is very powerful. When you are in gratitude, there is humility, and in this place blessings come and accumulate. Being of service in the world flows naturally from us and is another way to express our gratitude.

Every little act counts. Find a way to put the other person’s interest first. Even better, thinking about what the other might need or want that you can give without being asked for it, is the highest form of giving. Letting another pass on the freeway, allowing someone to go ahead of you in the check-out line, remaining calm when agitated are other forms of giving. By giving selflessly, we receive manyfold.

There is so much strife, so much clinging, grasping, fighting, greed, fear, envy, jealousy, and hatred in this world. Those who are truly blessed do not add any more to this kind of negativity.

May we cultivate and spread vibrations of contentment and gratitude in our environment, in our home, in our society, in our nation, in our world.

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