Moments of Stability

At the beginning of every year at the Ashram, a word is chosen that we remember throughout the year.  This year, the word is:


Imagine that you are riding on a bus and there are no seats so you need to stand. When the bus is running smoothly, you can easily ride along without holding on to anything. But when the bus begins to stop and go in traffic, it gets harder and you need something sturdy to hold on to. Otherwise, you fall down and get hurt.

What is it in our lives that gives us stability when there is a lot of turmoil or change happening around us? It is our spiritual practice. Whatever form it is, it gives us stability. 

No matter what is happening in the world, or in our life, or in the lives of those around us, please remember: stability. 

Contemplate on that word and entertain that stability within you. Welcome in a nice deep breath, remembering: “I am stable. I am capable of being stable. I will be stable.” Mind may come up with some idea, that “If I do that, then I’ll be stable.”, or “If I acquire that, I’ll be stable.” Or “If this thing is all taken care of, I’ll be stable.” It doesn’t work that way.  Stability has to begin within.

Out of stability, everything comes.  This is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves this year. Throughout your day, practice pausing the breath, and when you do, bring the word stability to your mind. Everything is still, everything is stable, everything is fine.

When we are disconnected from that stability within, our mind keeps running, running, running. The time that we spend connecting with the stability inside gives us energy, clarity, and focus. When we take a step back, pause, and our breath comes from that place of calmness, new ideas, new inspirations, and new hope can emerge.

May this new year be filled with that stability for you, no matter where you are. Even in the middle of your engagement in the world, may you connect with that stability that’s already within you.

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