Introduction to Aghor Mantra

In the Aghor tradition, a mantra is given by the Guru when the student seeker is ready to go deeper in his or her spiritual practice.

Beej mantras are like the seeds of a banyan tree – they are smaller than mustard seed but have enough strength and power to produce a mighty tree and a countless number of trees, provided they grow in fertile ground and are nurtured in the right environment. The great beings of the Aghor lineage heard these sounds in deep meditation and experienced their potential. These mantras were then passed down in the lineage orally from time unknown.

After receiving a mantra, it is the seeker’s job to cultivate the seed of the mantra with the water of love, trust and consistent practice. The weeds of doubt and laziness should be kept under control and the sapling should be protected from the harsh weather of hate, anger, lust and greed. While nurturing the mantra, a tremendous transformation begins to take place in the consciousness of the student.

Through repetition of the mantra, you build a bridge to your deepest inner Self.  Traveling on this bridge, you are able to merge with the Divine residing within.

Carve out a little time to practice your mantra jap, maintaining sweetness in your heart. Taste that moment where there is no separation and all that exists is the mantra pulsating with the heart.

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