Season of Change

The season is changing and the trees are dropping their leaves, with a sense of knowing that new leaves will come. It’s beneficial for us to get into the rhythm of nature and align ourselves with what’s happening around us.

This is an ideal time of year to contemplate what we can drop that is not serving us, that is not helping us come closer to our true Self, and to have that anticipation for something new to emerge. 

New emerges only after something old is dropped, and that dropping, that letting go, happens from our deep core, without a sense of loss or rejection. The dropping happens in a very compassionate way. Notice how gracefully a leaf falls from the tree. The tree is not throwing it out. The tree is not reacting or shaking. It happens very naturally. 

Whatever we drop, we have no attachment to anymore. We drop it by thanking it. We say, “Thank you. You have been a part of my life for so long. But you are not serving any purpose any longer.” The power of compassion is grand. When we let go of something with that understanding and depth, with that connection with our Self, it’s lasting. Otherwise it finds its way back.

Leaves fall from the tree, turn into compost, get absorbed into the ground, and again through the roots travel up. That energy transforms into a new leaf, but it’s much more vibrant and refined, with a new sense of purpose. So whatever we drop, whatever we let go, there is a deeper understanding that it’s not going very far from us, but it is going to be refined and then come back. So there is really no sense of loss, but a regeneration and feeling of hope.

Every year, when we enter into this season, it’s good to look back on our lives, because it’s also a time of hibernation and communion with our stillness. Summer is so active. The days are longer. We are outdoors, working, doing this and that, and running around. But now we will have more time to be with ourselves. This is a perfect opportunity to go deeper in our devotion.

The mere act of devotion gives us that richness, that inner fulfillment, and allows us to be graceful. Devotion focuses us and makes our hearts smile. Devotion gives us grounding, a sense of identity and a sense of being. Just asking ourselves what we are devoted to gives us stability. Devotion requires constant mindfulness and being on our toes. If we are devoted to our own higher Self, it requires vigilance − vigilance in every moment.

This is a wonderful time to rejuvenate, redefine and make a shift in our lives. Let’s take a little time to think, contemplate, and hold the word “devotion” in our minds. Let’s see what is about to drop and what is about to emerge. 

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