The Purpose of Meditation - Flowing Inward is the Work

To come back to the Self is to acknowledge that you are absolutely whole and complete unto yourself. Nothing is missing, and nothing from outside is needed to fulfill you. You are totally self-contained. You are absolutely still. This is the purpose of meditation—to see the Self, to be with the Self.

The moment your attention goes elsewhere, you begin to flow out. We are constantly flowing out through our five senses towards things that we see, hear, smell, taste and touch. Things that are pleasant or unpleasant; things that we like or dislike. Then the mind flows out, reacting to the intake. 

How do we learn to flow within, where there’s a whole universe waiting for us? When is the time to just be, when there is nothing from the outside pulling me away and no vibrations arising from within me?

When you are totally self-contained – not judging, not expecting things to be any different, you are truly connected with your fullness. Those are very rich moments in life; divine moments.  When you are not needing anything from the outside.  You just need to focus your mind and direct your attention in the right place. Your heart is already there. 

Flowing inward is the work.

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