The Sacredness of the Words We Speak

The Divine Mother resides within us in the form of Speech – Vageshwari. When we honor the presence of the Divine through our speech, peace and beauty are created around us. 

Our voice is one of the greatest gifts that we are given. Paying attention to what you are saying, why you are saying it, and what you seek to accomplish by speaking is a spiritual practice that is simple and accessible to all.

Speech is something very tangible. We use our voice all day and everyday. It is so close to us. Observing speech doesn’t require anything from outside. It just requires our own presence to ourself. We honor our higher Self by paying attention to how we project ourselves into the world through our speech.

The words we say do not end after they have been spoken. They cause a ripple, put out into the emptiness, changing the universal consciousness. The words spoken by sages and saints in the past continue to reverberate today. Any prayers, any mantras, any sweet word that is put out in the universe lasts forever.

The day we truly become aware of this phenomenon that is happening through us, we come very close to realizing the timeless truth that we are not separate from the Divine.

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