The Wings of Knowledge and Action

Knowledge and action are like the wings of a bird in the sky.  Without one, the other remains incomplete.

Knowledge, like a map, will not take you anywhere without action. You must make the effort to explore and experience something in order to truly understand it. Without action, knowledge becomes a burden. Ignorance is bliss: it’s better to “not know” then to “know” and not act on that knowing.

Purification of the mind takes place through action.  When we act on what we know, all the resistance in the mind goes away.  If we are acting from the right sentiment, the mind is purified. When action purifies the mind, true knowledge arises, and liberation is obtained.  We come to understand that we are not separate from the Divine, our own Higher Self.

When you acquire knowledge and act on it from the right place in your heart and mind, you catch the wind. Like a hawk soaring effortlessly with wings outstretched, you soar through life.

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