True Giving

In Sanskrit the word “giving” is Daan. To be able to give is considered one of the greatest virtues. But giving of what? What can you really give to somebody? 

Of course there are all kinds of presents that you can buy, but the true gift is giving of yourself.  This requires looking at yourself.  True giving can only happen when you come from a place where there is no ego and no expectation. When you are coming from that place in the heart, your Divine Self, you are able to give unconditional love. You are able to forgive. You are able to tolerate. You are able to accept someone the way they are. 

Look for the good qualities in the people in your life.  A person may have 99 bad traits, but try to find one good thing and remind them of that. Those kind words coming from someone who is close can make such a great difference.  

We are all capable of giving in this way. It just takes remembering that we are all Divine. When we forget, we get caught in our ideas – our likes and dislikes, attachments and resentments  –  and we get very far from our true selves.

This year, consider giving something more than just presents wrapped in shiny paper. Give forgiveness. Give acceptance. Give tolerance. Give appreciation. Remind those around you of the good in them that you see. 

When these virtues flow from you, the Divine can manifest through you, and it’s a great gift to the world as well as a great gift to yourself.

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