We Are All Interconnected

Spring is a special time of year. If you look around, everything is beginning to blossom. All the buds are coming in, and the birds are singing. The hidden strength lying dormant within everything is awakening. It is also a suitable time to enhance the intensity of our devotion that lies dormant within us.

Devotion can be expressed in any way you like, but it requires you to carve out a little time in its name. You can express your devotion through your remembrance. All over the world, all the great traditions have one way or the other to express devotion. If nothing formal, just sit and be still. Create an atmosphere around you. Sit quietly—even for a few minutes—and feel your connection with everything around you. We are all interconnected. The universe is a part of you, and you are a part of the universe. Be open. 

Sit in appreciation of all the people and blessings in your life. Feel the expansion within. Infinite possibility is opening to you. Connect with the energy hidden behind all the blades of grass that get trampled yet keep sprouting. Feel your connection with the flowers that are about to blossom. Release whatever has been holding you back and spring forward with new inspiration and energy. 

The very nature of energy is to flow and express itself. It is within each one of us in the form of all our capacity to manifest good in the world. It requires stability in order to tap into that inner strength. Our devotion gives us stability. Sometimes, it takes a leap of faith to pull ourselves out of the mud that has been holding us back. Now is the time to take that leap. Now is the time to honor yourself and love yourself by freeing yourself from isolation and connecting with the world with your heart. Your heart is not heavy, give it permission to be light and open and to connect with the Supreme.

Engaging in some form of selfless service is a beautiful way to honor that higher presence in your life. True service, which can be done anywhere, comes from a place of fullness and appreciation. See how good you feel when you engage in little acts of kindness. Selflessness fills the heart with joy. Wherever you are, carve out a little time every day to be still and to look at yourself. Instead of running with the senses, quiet down. Be grounded. Appreciate. Experience your interconnectedness. If you give yourself that gift—even for a moment—whatever you are worshiping will come knocking at your door. 

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