What is Spirituality?

Our breath is the most precious thing we have.  We take it for granted and never try to understand its richness. If we tune in, we can hear the sound “Sooo” with each in-breath and the sound “Hummm” with each out-breath.

So Hum  

Each breath is telling us who we are. In Sanskrit, “So” means “That” and “Hum” means “I Am”. That I Am. Not “this”. “This” is my drama, my story, whatever I am dealing with now. “That” is the aspect of our lives which is always there, never changing, ever whole, unblemished, unattached, eternal and one with all. Any attempt to connect with “That” can be called “spirituality”.

Whatever we identify with becomes our reality. How often does our mind go to “That” – the true foundation of our life? Most people put all of their energy and focus on “this”. Just like when we are reading a newspaper, we stay caught up with the news of the day. Our mind never goes to the paper on which the words are printed. Because the paper is there, something can be printed on it that we can read.  In the same way, there is a part of our life there in the background. That divine presence is the foundation on which life is reflecting. Many challenges, our aspirations, traumas, dramas, happiness, sorrow come and go like clouds. The blue sky is always there in the background. That never changes.

Any thoughts or actions that bring us closer to “That”, our own inner wholeness, 

is “spirituality”. 

Can you think of a moment that was perfect, when you were not wishing for anything to be different? The first step on the spiritual journey is connecting with that state of mind. The ability to recognize that at this moment, everything is here, nothing from the outside is needed – being absorbed in the appreciation of what is. When you are in that state of appreciation, you are not even aware of yourself. You are not separate.  It is too much thinking about ourselves that gets us into trouble. 

Living a human life, challenges come our way every day. Even entertaining the thought that there is something more than “this” gives us a little space from whatever we are feeling overwhelmed by. In that space there is the possibility of something new to emerge. 

How do we know if we are growing spiritually? We are less reactive. We deal with what comes our way a little more gracefully. There is more love, more kindness, more forgiveness, more of a focus on bringing joy to others.

May the new year bring you health, happiness and continued connection with your spiritual life.  

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