What is an Ashram?

An ashram is a place to practice living our highest ideals, with an emphasis on love, kindness, acceptance and forgiveness. Maintaining inner peace by keeping good company, forming healthy habits and bringing a steady spiritual practice in our life is encouraged in an ashram environment.

The word “ashram” is derived from a Sanskrit root which means “full effort or dedication”. An ashram is a place which provides a controlled environment where spiritual seekers, under the guidance of a Guru, can develop characteristics and practices that create a foundation for them to live to their highest potential. Often a dedicated group of practitioners lives at an ashram and it is a place for visitors to have darshan with the Guru. An ashram is distinct from a commune, a guesthouse, a resort, a club or a complex of family residences. The purpose of an ashram is neither commercial activity, nor leisure, nor domesticity. Indeed, the fundamental objective of those living and visiting an ashram is to be committed to personal growth through spiritual practice.


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