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The Spirit of Giving – “Daan”

Since Baba Harihar Ramji (Babaji) began his journey as a young monk in 1990, he has maintained the ancient tradition of not charging for his teachings. Sonoma Ashram Foundation’s ideal is to finance our spiritual and social service projects according to the ancient Indian principle of daan, which in Sanskrit means “giving.”

Daan is closely related to the more familiar concept of seva (selfless service). Babaji teaches that when our spiritual practice enriches our inner being, fulfillment overflows into the world in the form of selfless service.

In India, students of a spiritual teacher traditionally offer a donation in gratitude for the teachings and benefits they receive. This is not a fee for services, but rather a joyful gift from the heart that allows the grace of our spiritual lineage to ripple out in the world, reaching an ever-widening circle of people. Monetary donations to a temple, priest or spiritual renunciate are also daan.

Although seva and daan are twin fruits of spiritual practice, they also contribute to spiritual development. As with seva, daan is consistent with developing spiritual non-attachment and seeing the divinity of all. When we experience everything and everyone as indistinguishable aspects of ourselves, how can we not wish to share generously with others? Giving with an open heart evokes our inner virtues and higher self.

Our hope is that gifts to Sonoma Ashram Foundation are based on inner inspiration, gratitude and pure joy in the ability to contribute. Indeed, it is wonderful to see how consistently, whenever well-wishers of Sonoma Ashram Foundation learn about our projects, aspirations and financial circumstances, so many people open their hearts and give generously to make our shared vision real.


Donations go directly to supporting our programs and causes.
Sonoma Ashram Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit educational and service organization.
Contributions are tax-deductible as per IRS law. Tax ID #94-3151595.


Live webcasts of Babaji’s Sunday satsangs at Sonoma Ashram, available on our website.

Archived audio and video recordings of Babaji’s Sunday satsangs, also available on our website.