Spring (Chaitra) Navaratri 2022:
April 1 – April 10
(Asthami Havan: April 8)

Fall (Sharada) Navaratri 2022:
September 26 – October 4
(Asthami Havan: Oct. 2)

Navaratri is time a time set aside each year for honoring the presence of the Divine in our lives. As the seasons merge, it is a perfect time to enhance our practice or bring a change into our life. During this sacred time, we are encouraged to make an extra effort to come closer to our spiritual practice. Mother’s Grace and guidance is constantly being showered upon us – all we have to do is be available to receive it and hear it by keeping our heart and mind clean and steady.

Spring Navaratri 2022 Satsangs:

Navaratri Podcast

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Baba Harihar Ramji's Navaratri Satsangs

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Navaratri Prayers – Recordings:

Tantric Praise of the Goddess (Ya Devi sarva bhuteshu)
Song Seeking Forgiveness (Na mantram no yantram)
Sarveshwari Prayer (Na tato na mata)

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