Navaratri 2024

Spring (Chaitra) Navaratri:   April 9 – April 16 (Astami: April 15)

Fall  (Sharada)  Navaratri:  October 3 – October 11 (Astami: October 10)


It is an Act of Grace when we can step out of our mundane existence to honor the presence of the Divine in our lives. Navaratri is time a time set aside each year and provides the perfect opportunity to go deeper in our spiritual practice.  As the seasons merge, there is a special energy that is available to assist us with any goal or aspiration. During this sacred time, Divine Grace and guidance is constantly being showered upon us – all we have to do is be available to receive it and hear it by keeping our heart and mind clean and steady.
Simply finding a moment each day to acknowledge the sacredness of this time is enough, but if you want to do a little more, here are some simple ways to observe Navaratri:
  • On the first night light a candle and set your intention for austerity and to turn inward each evening.
  • Carve out time to practice meditation or mindful breathing.  If you can, set 3 times for sitting each day.  At least one time should be at night.
  • Minimize your engagement with the world. Put your senses on a diet! Eat simpler foods or fast, speak less, and spend less time on the internet and social media and watching television.
  • Make a conscious commitment to give up something that you have wanted to try to live without during Navaratri.
  • Stay focused on sweetness during your meditations and in your interactions in the world.  Maintain the prayer in your mind “May I not speak harsh words.”
  • Find some moments for contemplation. The theme of this Navaratri is “Determination”.  May you remain determined in whatever practice you have committed to during this sacred time.
  • Remain centered and cultivate peace in your heart. No matter what is happening around you, remember that nothing is worth losing your peace.
  • End with a ritual & celebrate! On the last day, take a cup of water, add a pinch of rice and a flower. Pour this slowly at the base of a tree or bush as an ending offering to the Divine Energy, with the sentiment: “May you be pleased with my efforts.” Then have a festive meal, connect with your loved ones, and reflect on all of the blessings in your life.

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