Practical Spirituality Lecture Series

There are two aspects of human life. The first aspect relates to our engagement in the world, our story, our struggles, our successes, our family, our career. What we identify as “me and my life”. The other aspect is that which is constant and unchanging, that has been with us since the day we were born in its perfect wholeness and perfection. Any action to acknowledge this part of our life can be called “spirituality”.

In this Zoom series, Baba Harihar Ram, founder of the Sonoma Ashram, provides practical and practicable ways to bring spirituality into everyday life.

Lecture Five – Practical Spirituality: Freedom From Conflict     ( September 17, 2022 )

Lecture Four – Practical Spirituality: Meditation Beyond the App     ( June 18, 2022 )

Lecture Three – Practical Spirituality: The Four Ashrams Of Life     ( March 19, 2022 )

Lecture Two – Practical Spirituality: Cultivating Inner Peace     ( December 18, 2021 )

Lecture One – Practical Spirituality: Bringing Sacredness Into Your Life     ( September 18, 2021 )


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