Programs & Visits

“All the subtle and ever more subtle knowledge is derived from keeping good company and listening to good words.” ~ Aghoreshwar Bhagwan Ram

Whether you are already pursuing a path of spirituality or seeking guidance about how to get started, Sonoma Ashram is here to support you in living a healthy, happy, meaningful life. A community center of teaching and learning, the Ashram provides a foundation for personal growth, self-care and service to others. You will be in good company, in sangha (a community of like-minded people), supporting each other in forming healthy habits, and bringing a steady practice into your life.

Open to the public, Sonoma Ashram is a place to come and connect with yourself:

  • Daily Meditation – Meditation is practiced at the Ashram every morning and evening. Individual instruction in meditation is available by request. Spanish language instruction is also available.
  • Day-Long Programs – Workshops in meditation, Ayurveda, and other mind/body/spirit healing modalities in keeping with, and complementary to, the Aghor teachings are held throughout the year.
  • Sunday Satsang Meditation & Teaching – Weekly community gathering for group meditation. Sunday Satsang is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about Babaji and his teachings, and to meet like-minded souls within the Ashram community.  Our program is now on Zoom. Please contact us at [email protected] for more information.
  • Organic Gardening – Sonoma Ashram’s seasonal organic gardens are among the property’s greatest delights. You are invited to stroll and enjoy the sights and smells of this ever-changing landscape or even lend a hand in tending and harvesting.
  • Community Service – Sonoma Ashram is a referral site for Sonoma County’s court system and an inspirational place to complete mandated community service hours.
  • Events & Observances – Throughout the year the Ashram observes various traditional holidays and festivals, always with an emphasis on celebrating the sacred connection with the Divine.

**OPEN HOUSE with intro to Yoga & Meditation every Saturday from 10-11:30**





Live webcasts of Babaji’s Sunday satsangs at Sonoma Ashram, available on our website.

Archived audio and video recordings of Babaji’s Sunday satsangs, also available on our website.

Archived newsletters, teachings and digital downloads.


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