The full moon holds a significant place in our practice. On every full moon, we turn our awareness to our own inner fullness and awaken and honor our mantra by observing “havan” fire ceremony or “tarpan” water ceremony.

Havan is an act of making 108 offerings into a sacred fire while reciting the mantra silently. (With tarpan, drops of water are offered into a bowl of water.) After havan or tarpan the practitioner makes a commitment to the Self to do a certain number of jap (repetition of the mantra) every day for the month ahead. Doing this ritual each full moon also incapsulates the practice done during the preceding month and stores it within. The power of our practice keeps building within, giving us a sense of inner fulfillment.

Havan dates for 2024:

January 24

February 23

March 24

April 22

May 22

June 20

July 20

August 18

September 17 (before 7:30 PM)

October 16

November 14

December 14

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